Welcome to the World Cup Visualizer

The World Cup Visualizer is a project by Bill Chambers as an experiment in working with live data streams and JavaScript.

This visualizer pulls live data from Twitter and renders the number of tweets per second in your browser. You are likely seeing the conversations start right now as the black line waves up and down. The y-axis is the number of tweets/second and the x-axis is the current time. What makes this interactive is you can choose the teams you would like to follow.

Using the Visualizer is easy!

  1. Scroll down and click one team in each of the colored boxes
  2. The black line always shows you the total World Cup Tweets per second
  3. You can choose which teams represent the red, blue, green, and orange lines
  4. Watch the number of tweets/second in real time and feel free to jump in by tweeting as well!

Feel free to leave feedback or read the source on Github.

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Pick a Team For The Red Line

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